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Meeting Thursday 05.07.2017 1. [...]

Openhands.CH, Johannes Ulrich Nydegger
- 06.07.2017 07:29:29

Meeting Thursday 05.07.2017
1. Urbanisation Gradinita
1.1 Shower for Gradinita is it required
2. Check with Ionescu if we could also have 20m distance to cemetery
2.1. Urbanisation Pirvu submit info to city hall so we know what we need to do. According discussion for all planned activities. Please check if certain activities need special circuit!
3. Take first steps to train staff to take up more responsibility
4. Bogdan can be paid according what we discussed
5. as soon as we have a bit time we should have a look at the old kindergarten, in order to move staff and make building usable for visitor. Kitchen, Shower, Toilet