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Today I have been at the farm [...]

Openhands.CH, Johannes Ulrich Nydegger
- 10.07.2017 14:47:08

Today I have been at the farm with Luciana Hord. We talked about the different issues Marin is facing. 
One of the open questions is, who is going to be responsible during his absence for leave. 
I suggested that we should try with Daniel Avram. His task would be, to be at the farm in the morning, vor a brief to the staff and what what they have to do. 
Perhaps suggest how it should be done. An intermediate check could be done at lunch  and another one in the evening to check  if the tasks have been completed according expectations. 
Marin Mirauta  could  provides Daniel a briefing and to be done during his absence. 
Since Daniel Avram is fluent in using ERP and Telegram and other tools he could  also contact me or Gerhard Vogelsong directly in order to get some instructions.  Marin was instructed to discuss this issue with Emanuil Cucu and Daniel Raciula.