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  Dear Customer,

For high-street retailers, competing with online shops usually means lower productivity and profitability. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Many bricks-and-mortar retailers are using digital transformation to fight back, developing new business models and offering customers innovative experiences that improve loyalty and the bottom line.

In Driving a Digital Future in Retail, experts from Microsoft and Ernst & Young will discuss the trends and challenges facing the retail industry and provide real-life case studies of retailers that are using digital transformation to their benefit. Amongst others, you can hear how Starbucks used technologies such as machine learning, beacons and GPS to reduce waiting times and make service more personal in their stores.
17 January 2017

11 - 12 am CET

Vassilis Tziokas, Dmitry Turchyn, George Mitropoulos
  Join our experts at this free webinar to find out how digital transformation can help you capitalize on every point of sale and service to better understand and serve your customers.

We look forward to welcoming you!

    Vassilis Tziokas
Digital Advisor, Manufacturing industry lead, CEE

CEE Solutions Strategy Manager for Retail Industry Vassilis has a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence and Omni-Channel Customer Experience
    Dmitry Turchyn
Data & AI Lead, CEE

Dmitry has 20+ years experience in data science and IT including technical and IT developer roles. He is responsible for Microsoft Data Platform business in the CEE Area where he helps customers navigate their way to data-driven processes and solutions, opening up completely new opportunities.
    George Mitropoulos
Director in the Advisory practice, EY

George is a consulting senior professional, with more than 20 years of experience across a very wide range of business technology areas.He is currently a Director in the Advisory practice of EY in Greece, focusing on Performance Improvement of key CPG, Retail and Retail Banking clients. In the last few years he has led projects around Analytics, Digital and Customer Experience delivered for a range of large multinational companies. Before EY he has worked through regional and local positions, for companies like Sun Microsystems and ICAP. He has started his career in IBM in UK. George has a bachelor in Business from LSE/UoL and 2 masters degrees in information systems and business administration respectively.

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